DNA Exclusive: Analysis Of Pakistan’s Cost-Cutting Formula To Deal With Economic Crisis | India News

New Delhi: Although Pakistan has received a huge amount of funding as flood relief donations from the International Monetary Fund and its all-weather ally China has also lent 700 billion USD the country is still reeling under a huge economic crisis. 

In today’s DNA, Rohit Ranjan analysed how Pakistan is trying to fight its economic crisis by applying the cost-cutting formula in the country.  

To deal with its crippling economy, the Pakistan government has now decided that several officials of the Pak government including the country’s PM Shebaz Sharif will not get salaries. Pak PM has announced that his cabinet minister will not get paid and the PM himself along with his special advisors will also not take the salaries to take off some load from the shattering economy of the country.

Sharif also announced that all government VIPs in Pakistan will now pay their bills for electricity, water, phones etc and the luxury cars of all the VIPs will also be taken back to deal with the crippling economic situation.

The Pakistan government has also decided to manage all its meetings via video conferencing to cut travel expenses and for the meetings which are scheduled to be attended outside the country, the officials will travel in the economic class of the airlines.

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