Ab Dilli Dur Nahin is an inspirational story of Bihari villager who topped the IAS exam | Hindi Movie News

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin, slated for release on May 12 this year, explores the dynamic of success and failure in life through the story of its protagonist, a simple and naïve village boy from Bihar, who eventually goes on to top the IAS exam.
Ab Dilli Dur Nahin chronicles the rise of a small-town boy from Bihar, Abhay Shukla. Hailing from a family reeling under hardships, Abhay played by theatre and film actor Imran Zahid, embarks upon his journey to Delhi, with the intent to appear in IAS exams. Abhay’s entire endeavour is to enable his family to fight its way out of the clutches of poverty.

The narrative is largely based on Abhay’s fundamental struggle of becoming an IAS officer and all hardships that he goes through during this phase.
Actor Imran Zahid has acted in reputed plays such as The Last Salute, based on Iraqi journalist Muntadhar Al-Zaidi’s book, The Last Salute to President Bush. Additionally, he has performed in several other plays based on director Mahesh Bhatt’s movies like Arth, Daddy and Hamari Adhuri Kahani. In Ab Dilli Dur Nahin Imran Zahid plays the protagonist bringing to life the character and story of Abhay Shukla.

Interestingly, like the film protagonist, Zahid also hails from Bihar therefore understanding and sinking into the character’s trials and tribulations came naturally.

The film is inspired by Govind Jaiswal, the son of a rickshaw puller who became an IAS officer in 2007. To prepare for the role, Zahid met Govind Jaiswal and felt, “It was enlightening as well as hugely inspiring to meet Jaiswal. He shared some nuggets from his life that gave me a better perspective of his character and willpower.”

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